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Treasured Threads Quilting sells fabric, patterns, and notions for quilting. We also offer classes to teach customers how to do the piecing of the quilt tops. Learn more about our classes or sign up for upcoming classes here.

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These are some of our favorite project kits and products we use while creating our beautiful quilts here at Treasured Threads Quilting…

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The perfect sewing chair!
Come in and try it out. Cats or sewing notions.
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Curlers & Chunks

Check out our hand-dyed wool! They are available in “Curlers”, which are three-pack bundles of 4” x 16” pieces. We also have “Chunks”, which are five-pack bundles of 9”x10” pieces.

Come in and be inspired by these happy, colorful little projects.

Check out these new pre-cuts. Available in a variety of colors and styles to please everyone.

Mary Ellen’s Best Press spray helps keep fabric crisp and flat. Using Best Press on our fabric as we are piecing gives us more control as we rotary cut and stitch. Diagonal cuts are usually quite ‘stretchy’ and lose their proportion easily, but Best Press helps tame those bias edges.

‘Your Nest’ Organizer is perfect for storing rulers, patterns, rotary cutters and more! We have them available in pink, green, and purple.

This rotary mat has yellow grid lines and markings and rotates 360 degrees smoothly on the stationary base. It’s the perfect size to take to class. We have these mats available in 12″ square and 17″ square.

505 Basting Spray is one of the quickest ways to temporarily ‘glue’ our quilt sandwich together so we can add our final quilt stitching designs. It is a repositionable fabric adhesive that temporarily bonds fabric and batting together and washes out with soap and water after the stitching is complete. It is acid-free and environmentally friendly. It will not gum up your machine needle or discolor your fabric.

(Little House) and (Annie’s Choice) Glass Head Silk Pins are the sharpest, smoothest pins around. They have a long, thin, sharp tip that passes easily through fabric. They will not melt when ironed over. They bend without breaking and flying into unwanted territory.

Schmetz is the leading manufacturer of quality sewing machine needles in the world. We have found Schmetz needles to be a consistent, quality product with a wide variety of types and sizes of machine needles to meet your every stitching need.

Frixion Pens are great tools to add to your quilting basket. They work great for marking stitch lines and measurements on the back of your quilt pieces because the fine point and gel ink goes on smoothly without skipping. The best part is once you have your pieces stitched together, the ink disappears with the heat from the iron as you press your quilt blocks flat.

BOHIN Chalk Pencil. This marking tool is a mechanical pencil with compressed ceramic chalk for “lead”. It never needs sharpening. The chalk can be washed out or erased with a fabric eraser. It is neater than others (not a lot of chalk dust floating around), the point is always ready to go and the pencil fits comfortably in your hand. Most importantly, these pencils leave a nice line that is easy to see and follow. Precise and thin. Great to use with stencils too!

Star Singles are the most efficient way to make eight half-square-triangles in a three simple steps. They’re easy to use with instructions are printed right on the template. A great time saving tool to have handy as you create a fun project with pinwheels or zigzags. Available in whole sizes and half sizes from 1” up to 3”.

We carry a large selection of 50wt cotton thread in two spool sizes, 150m/164yd and 500m/547yd.

Mettler Thread is available in a variety of colors and is ideal for sewing all of your cotton quilting projects due to its durability, non-shrinkage, natural shine, and extreme softness.

Here at TTQ we offer an extensive line of patterns and idea books from a variety of companies including Martingale, Cluck Cluck Sew, Suzanne’s Art House, Cut Loose, Perkins, Bear Creek, and A Quilter’s Dream.


Creative Grids offers the best selection of non-slip rulers and templates available in the USA. Each ruler has basic easy-to-read numbers and lines, perfect for helping you make each cut accurate. Along with the non-slip grip of these amazing tools, each one includes a pattern, instruction page, and an online tutorial to help you be successful in creating your next beautiful quilt. Creative Grids tools are made in the USA.